What is SEO in Layman's Terms?

What is SEO in layman terms

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Maze makes your business more noticeable to your clients by organic SEO services. Our company majorly serving in Chennai & Bangalore.
MAZE..one of the top most Digital Marketing companies makes your business conspicuous./.captive./ easily noticeable and attractive giving the superb impression to your clients about your company to boost your TURN OVER excellently We have our Head Office in Chennai and also the Branch Office in Bangalore where in we have the deep net work with all the Major MNCs and IT companies.

Why Should I Need SEO Service For My Website?

You might have any kind of online business like general contractors, law firm, retailers, running cafe or restaurant– all you need is a local search engine optimization service.

In this digital real world scenario, a person looks out for the local business before running through the doors and if your business fails an online presence, then your business is in a deep hole. And for that reason, we have optimized digital marketing strategies to provide the clients with better visibility in the local market. And any website requires search engine optimization for maintaining its visibility among users.

A website may have valuable information and good content but that is not just enough to stay at the top of the game. The website should be optimized in accordance with search engines so that during the searches the website gets better rankings.

Search engines have many criteria for ranking a website for many types search queries. We as the experienced SEO service professionals make sure that your website fulfills all of them.

How To Choose The SEO Company in Chennai?

According to today’s online market, the Competitors have been increasing day by day to overtake your business to raise their brand among many online companies. To gear up your business from the competitive world, you need to hire the right SEO Services Company and of course, our company is the experienced/excellent skilled/most importantly affordable SEO specialist in the Domain. There are many digital marketing companies in Chennai doing SEO with old technique. But we are a top rated SEO service company with latest SEO experiments and results and also conveniently located nearby you to provide the best result oriented SEO Company in Bangalore, Chennai and around India.

Choose us, who has 5+ years hands-on experience in the digital marketing field to fulfill your all your website needs. Our effective/crispy user-friendly content would reach to your target audience.

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Optimsed for SEO

Is My Website Properly Optimized For Search Engines?

It is a known fact that the leading search engine Google has more than two hundred signals in their algorithm for scoring and ranking a website and it is very important for the business to be placed in the top rank in the search engine to attract more customers. And it is also evident that every year the search engine algorithm is updated about five hundred times, so our SEO service in Chennai will ensure that your online business presence meets all the required technicalities of the search engine algorithm.

Nowadays top-rated analysts are on demand to deliver digital marketing services to the entire customers. But our leading SEO specialists are available for essential digital marketing and SEO services that every online business should have. We use emerging digital marketing models for the latest fresh or existing websites and will be able to make your website to achieve good rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more with a blend of powerful SEO strategies and techniques for assured success.

We provide customized SEO campaigns to focus on our client’s online presence and all our SEO strategies are derived from the big data collection that we have found through the cloud server. Each and every minute detail is involved in the entire process and it provides best business results for the clients.

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    What We Do?

    Keyword Research

    We do analyse your website’s keywords and distribution for competitiveness that your customers search for.

    Content Optimization

    Content optimization is the method of creating content composed in a method that can give the correct information to your target audience.

    Mobile Optimization

    Mobile optimization is the method of improving your website digital content to assure that visitant can access the site from any mobile devices.

    Technical SEO

    Technical SEO is a process of optimization relates to website and server that helps search engines to crawl and index your site more efficiently.

    Quality Link Building

    It is a method of boosting your website authority by placing a link(hyperlink) to another top quality website to build your link counts.

    Brand Outreach

    It is a campaign that helps to identify the influencers of your target market, communicating them via content marketing to promote your brand or services.

    Benefits of Maze Tech Digital Marketing Company

    Maze Tech SEO services makes your website more search engine friendly as per webmaster guidelines for a higher ranking. With the target oriented audience, unlimited promotion options, rich guest posts, nature back links & unique optimization & keywords research at a very GUARANTEED AFFORDABLE COST and also gives the company a high Return on Investment (ROI). Because the payment system for the SEO service companies is not a fixed one every website is unique in its own way and requires different assessment. So we provide quality service for every penny invested by you for your business.

    Startups, small businesses, and other agencies are surely important to be hooked to the world outside through our Search engine optimization (SEO) Services Company in Chennai.

    Our SEO Services by Industry

    We are doing SEO for all type of business types in Chennai & Bangalore. Check out our SEO Services by Industry


    SEO is a strategy to improve organic traffic of a website in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. On Page and OFF Page are the best practices to help you to rank the keywords that you want to rank for in SERP results.

    From scratch to skyrocket we use 100% manual work on SEO by following steps.

    1. Understanding your business model
    2. Your Target Audience
    3. Your website optimization
    4. Keywords Audit
    5. Technical SEO
    6. Content SEO
    7. Social Trust
    8. Off Page Optimization
    9. Digital Strategies
    10. Lead Acquisition


    It is very important like your health its the heart of the business.

    1. Traffic Improvisation
    2. Regular Lead Acquisition
    3. Trust & Brand Authority
    4. Reach
    5. Revenue

    It depends on the competition of your business keywords.


    What we call is One Time Investment. In SEO you will get organic traffic plus leads without paying to search engines but you pay only to Digital Marketing Agencies.


    What we say is Recurring Investment. In PPC(Pay Per Click) you have to pay for each clicks and also for managing Ad agencies. In this phase you have to invest a lot and also you will get instant ROI.

    SEO charges in Chennai ranging from 9,999 INR to 39,999 INR based on the competition.