5 Reasons Why your Organic Traffic is Going Down

I’m not Neil Patel, this is Naveen!

By now all around the globe are feard about the coronavirus, the real fact that Covid-19 gave us is a lockdown right?

Nope, that’s not the fact behind the fear is many of the Indians are near to layoff, pay cut or might jobless. The sad thing but it is true.

I know your mind is asking Why?

Because of Covid-19, many businesses were going down. Yes, businesses in India are going very struggle and it will take around 4-6 months to stabilize the business. Please refer to the below graph.

Traffic By Industry

Traffic By Industry

If you are running a business that’s going down from the graph. Don’t invest in Digital Marketing. Since it will take a lot of time to regain.

Which department will get affect in an org structure?

  1. Interns(100%)

  2. Sales(90%)

  3. Digital Marketing(80%)

  4. Tech(60%)

  5. Finance(30%)

  6. HR(20%)

Why Sales & marketing goes above 70% during this period?


Due to the Covid-19 effect searches will go down for product and service. Most of the companies offer WFH to their employees. And also from the decision-makers, they won’t think about the investments now. Since they preparing the layoff list.


Top 5 reasons why your website traffic will go down due to the Covid-19 effect?


  1. Paid Traffic 0% – Yes you have stopped your paid campaign because of Corona. If you are a service or product based this a mandatory thing to do.
  2. Social Media Traffic will go down by at least 30% – However, all the digital channels will focus on indirect marketing using social channels such as facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But now all the social peoples are looking contents based on Covid-19 maybe its a meme or news Indians are doing fun of it.
  3. Organic traffic will go down by at least 60% – Yes searches went down and the search volume as well.
  4. Blog traffic will go down by at least 70% – The answers is at above.
  5. Brand  – Major brands like Flipkart, Amazon, and Swiggy are providing limited resources. So 90% of your TGA will now fall in social media or other entertainment platforms.

Your Question: Where all traffic should go now?

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Youtube
  • Hotstar
  • Tiktok
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Online Games
  • Indoor Games
  • Movie websites
  • Messaging Platforms
  • Music Platforms
What you should do now?

Double down your digital marketing channel for now. Instead of investing in paid marketing, and social media you can leverage the ideation into SEO service. This is the right time to put effort to rank for your high search volume keywords. Don’t kick out your existing digital channel employees. Use them to screw your business up and gave training and motivation to them.


Motivation is the best tool to improve organization efficiency. Utilize it. And also the paid keywords bid range will go low. Since your competitors also paused their SEM, SMM campaigns. We cannot throttle business against nature. Don’t get panic about the Covid-19 pandemic. All will get stabilize soon. I too believe the same folks. Just wait and watch the game.

PS: Please be safe and, stay and spend your time in the home.

Content Source: neilpatel.com/blog/coronavirus/

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What is a Guest Posting? Strategies & Fundamentals

Guest posting is a one of the alternate way of quality link building strategy a part of off page technique in Search engine optimization (SEO) that helps the business to build their brand among the different set of audience and help them to increase the traffic to the website and also helps to get a high-quality backlink and traffic for your website. The concept of guest posting is nothing but the writer writes and publishes their work on some popular third party website or blog that connects them with a new group of readers and target audience.

Purpose of guest post

The guest post is considered to be one of the key strategies for a business or brand to build an online presence. A good guest post writer must be able to produce good contents that will add value to the sites or blogs where the content is posted, thus building a friendly relationship with the other writers and bloggers in the digital platform most significantly on the social media websites like the Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more..

When the guest post is posted on the website, a link is attached to it in the author bio or inside the content. And these will act as back links and it will increase the value of the post in the search engine making it easier for the audience to find through the Bing, Yahoo or Google and it indirectly increases your website ranking. It is stated that the guest posting is 5 times valuable as creating new contents on the own website and it definitely broadens the reach of the business and boosts the online reputation of the brand.

It is a key strategy of Link Building

Most of the people in the digital world think that guest posting is the general article marketing, but it is not true- the guest post is not like article marketing. When submitting the contents of the article directory, it covers all the topics thereby the traffics and links received becomes less relevant. However, in the case of the guest posting, the contents submitted on the websites are in a niche and it provides more links and increases website traffic.

Pitching on guest posting websites

A person can submit their contents automatically with the other available directories in the case of the article directories, however, guest posting is targeted exclusively for a particular website or blog and posting the guest posts in a month is either five or minimal. So, while posting the contents it is important to make sure that they are posted on the significant sites and blogs and the backlinks received through these posts are highly valuable. Find the websites which are too active with regular contributions and with social interactions.

Fundamental strategies of a guest post

Guest post is a marketing strategy that can be used by a business to expand and reach more new clients and increase the customer conversion. There are some basic fundamentals a person should be aware of before publishing the guest post.

Blog creation: Before publishing the post you must create a blog so that the visitors can view the high quality and credible blog entries, the user-friendly interface and the backlinks you are working on.

Set goals: Though guest posting is the best marketing strategy, it is important that you analyze whether it is beneficial for your business or not and setting up business goals helps in pushing the business to the next level.

Seek opportunities: Pool of opportunities is available over the internet, so before pondering over the opportunities you have to set certain criteria pertaining to specific options. While narrowing down the options, you should try to attract more audience towards the platform for client conversion and expand the traffic redirects. And monitor the entries of blog post received on regular basis and make sure that the blog owner or administrator has an active digital influence.

You can pitch for opportunities through Google blog communities, Google search and via social media.

Solid author biography: This is the only place where you include links that will redirect the reader towards your social media account and blog. The crucial part here is that you must create a catchy and precise bio that will tap the reader towards your blog.

Even though the steps in creating a guest post sounds tricky it holds a key position in the marketing strategy and it is a major factor involved in establishing and developing a business or a brand on the online platform. Also, the acquaintance of the guest blog communities and social media helps you to come across few other ways of marketing the business.

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